Folding Chairs White Plastic Folding Chairs

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  • Light weight white polypropylene plastic seat and back design
  • Heavy duty seat attachment secures to frame using threaded nut inserts
  • White powder coat frame finish with cross brace across back legs
  • Contoured seat and back for added comfort
  • Non-marring glides protect surfaces from scratches and damage

These white plastic folding chairs in a dining height offer sleek styling with smooth lines and solid white color. Each folding chair features a light weight white polpropylene plastic seat and back and a white powder coated frame with cross brace between each chairs’ back legs, providing stability and resistance against sinking into soft surfaces.  Non-marrying glides protect surfaces from scratches or damage and their light weight plastic foldable chair design makes for easy transportation, storage, setup and takedown, especially when paired with a folding chair caddy.  These competitively priced white plastic foldable chairs are a popular wedding chair option and are perfect for any event or facility where lighter weight folding chairs are desired.


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